I assure you, this photo is no trick. If you creep dangerously close to a goose and wave an iPhone in its beak long enough, it will quack at you. I’m just lucky it didn’t grab the iPhone out of my hands…which I would have totally deserved.

Having a barking dog right behind you is another excellent way of getting a goose to quack at you. No animals were harmed in the making of this photograph, I assure you.

All right, all right…I was behind a chainlink fence. I’m not insane. My iPhone was pressed up against the links, though, and the geese could have done damage to it if it had wanted to. And I had to take about 50 shots to get this one. Shoot, spray, and pray!

I used a little Lolo filter and a little Photogene sharpening on this capture to make it extra crispy. Mmm, extra-crispy duck…where’s that Thai takeout number?



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