The Eldritch Eucalyptus

How to save noisy night photos: CameraBag’s Infrared filter. It’s not a true infrared, of course, and not terribly close to what you can achieve in Photoshop or Lightroom, but as part of a 10-filter set for $2.99, it’s not bad. It’s smart enough to make reds go white, and blues go dark, like real infrared; I’ve seen it do some unconvincing conversions, though. Luckily, these trees are eucalyptus, so they’re white anyway, and as a bonus they were lit by a tungsten light, making them reddish:

I could live without the extra noise CameraBag adds to make the filter mimic the grain of infrared film: the scale of the “grain” is way too big, it’s blocky instead of round, it’s not convincing, and to top it all it’s pretty ugly–plus I have enough noise shooting the iPhone in dim light, thanks.

Still, I like the haunted look the filter gives to this particular image.


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