The Plaza

As you can tell, I went to Las Vegas this weekend. I took a WHOLE lot of amazing photos with QuadCamera, mostly of the ginormous Fremont Street Experience giant LED “screen” (I call it a screen, but really it is three city blocks covered in an LED canopy), which I can’t wait to show you all tomorrow.

Las Vegas is famous for its lights, and we photographers like lights. Lights are like candy to us–delicious and we can never get enough. So here are the lights of The Plaza in the old heart of Las Vegas. I had just seen The Rat Pack Is Back and was craving some Sinatra-era black and white glamour, so I helped create that with 1962 from CameraBag plus a little sharpening and contrast in Photogene.

Even in black and white, light is candylicious.


2 Responses to “The Plaza”

  1. Ooh, I’m loving this one

  2. Sigh….I can tell you right now, mines not this good.

    And oh boy is this one good.

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