QuadCamera 2: Make A Panorama/Fourtych

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Another reason why I love QuadCamera is that you can use it in ways the developers surely never intended. I always love repurposing stuff in interesting ways.

Triptych: An image or work of art composed of three delimited sections. A diptych is made of two parts, and a fourtych is a word I made up to define an image made of four parts.

You don’t have to use QuadCamera to shoot the same thing four times: you can use it photograph four shots in succession that become one long image like a panorama. Put QuadCamera on a long enough timer so that you have time to shift the iPhone for each shot. You don’t get the helpful overlay of Pano, but you get the nifty bars and probably a little bit of content repetition between frames which gives it that funky film frame look.

I also filtered this image, taking the original with No Effect selected because of the high contrast of the scene (bright sunset sky, dark shadowy land). Here’s the original:

I then imported it into Tiffen Photo FX and tried a new filter called Three Strip. I did a little research and found that “three strip” refers to the three strip Technicolor process used in old Hollywood movies like the Wizard of Oz. This Wikipedia article has some fascinating information about how the three strip process works, by splitting light through a prism and then through additive filters…well, it’s fascinating if you’re an optics geek, anyway. Anyway, it saturated the reds and blues nicely without making the picture look outlandish.


One Response to “QuadCamera 2: Make A Panorama/Fourtych”

  1. […] rather like the borders that appear between shots (as seen in this sunset quadtych), but choice is always great, so it’s nice to have the ability to get rid of them. I can see […]

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