The Star Lounge

Ventura is a city full of classic architecture and fifties-fabulous signs; the kind of place where I find myself taking photos every few steps. Main Street is packed with architectural details like this one.

I love big bold color, which means I love Tiffen Photo FX’s Burnt Copper filter. It’s heavy hitting and wild. It can turn a blah photo into a colorsplosion. It adds huge amounts of orange and yellow to a photo:

I liked this, but I thought the red brickwork needed some love too, so I increased the red saturation in this photo by using the RGB tool in Photogene. Here’s a screenshot of that step:

Here’s the compartively blah original:

My original goal was to get rid of that dead backlit sky, but I liked how all the warm colors played together in the end. I am such a sucker for screaming color.


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