The Wildflowers

At any moment, adorable Austrian children will appear in brocade outfits, to the background music of acoustic guitar…

Actually, this is Figueroa Mountain in the Santa Ynez mountain range. The famous wildflowers of Santa Ynez Valley are just coming into bloom now, and I was lucky enough to find a field of lupine on Saturday.

I’m trying to demonstrate a feature of Photogene where you can apply different frames; I have a thing for rounded corners right now so I was tickled to see that you can apply them in Photogene. However, the default background is black, a black border around your white border that bears rounded corners:

That’s probably fine if you’re planning on posting this image onto a black background, but I’m not. Photogene does have a white background option, though it gives you a gray drop shadow all the way around:

That’s sort of, I don’t know, 1992 prom-y. Or 1996 dawning of the Internet and a million bad web designers adding drop shadows to everything. There’s a gray version too, but I’ll spare you that one. I just want smooth, clean rounded corners. Because I always want the impossible.

I wound up trying to crop the excess black off black background version above. That’s quite tricky within Photogene, because you can’t really zoom in far enough while you’re cropping to see it up close. You have to do it at a distance and cross your fingers (not literally, or you’ll mess up the crop). And it didn’t really work–you can see above I wind up with a tiny bit of white-with-detail border around the corners. Sigh. I could go back in to Photogene and push my highlights on the Levels curve, but that’ll affect the whole image, plus it’s a little, you know, obsessive.

So now I’m just wishlisting “clean white rounded corners” for Photogene’s next update.

(Oh, I used TiltShift on the photo, then fooled around with saturation, levels, and sharpening like usual in Photogene before applying the frame.)

Speaking of updates, Photogene greeted me with a message of “We’ve just released NoiseBlaster–a new app specifically designed to remove noise from your photos.” Woohoo, that would be very nice indeed! I’ll have to try that tomorrow!


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