About i365

I love photography. Obvious, right? I love cameras, too, including my Canon 5D, my Mamiya 645 AFDII, my Toyo 4×5, my Lomo Fisheye II, my Lomo Oktomat, and my Holga (when it doesn’t yield a roll of unexposed film, anyway).

Yet, there’s something to be said for absolute spontaneity, something to be said for the kind of photograph you take without worrying about it too much, for using a tool with few to no options. A photograph you can make on the go, at work, on the way to the store, at a party.  That’s where the cameraphones come into their own.

I seek to prove that it’s not the camera, it’s the photographer who makes the photograph. The iPhone has a 2.0 megapixel camera, no ability to zoom in, set off a flash, apply a white balance–nada. Apps, on the other hand, have come along to supply these needs. You can do a lot with apps. I also seek to prove that the apps in the App Store are all you need to manipulate your photo to your satisfaction.

I’m not affiliated with Apple, iTunes, or any app company. I’m not even a hacker or a coder–I’m a photographer. I just love photography. And I want YOU to love your iPhone camera.

Questions, comments, tips, tricks, free schwag, merch, donations, adulations of love? E-mail me at info@marcellakligman.com. Or check out my professional photography at marcellakligman.com.


3 Responses to “About i365”

  1. Man. I should really get an iPhone…

  2. I NEED an iPhone! I NEED apps! You are having way too much fun! And you shouldn’t have to do it all by yourself!

  3. I knew that would be the danger of showing you my toys. 🙂

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